About our village   Kalikavu is an area naturally beautiful which is located on Nilambur-Palghat road (SH 39)  in Malappuram District of Kerala State. Kalikavu is blessed with river, hills and paddy  fields.  It is very closed to the Kerala-Tamilnadu boarder and the main cultivation is  Rubber and Rice.  Kalikavu is situated 20 KM from Nilambur (South) and 11 KM from Wandoor (East).  The  Pullangode Rubber Estate main factory and Head Quarters  are 3 KM from Kalikavu and  most of the families were depending directly or indirectly the Pullangode Rubber Estate  for livelihood for a while.  Our nearest Railway station is Vaniyambalam and Airport is  Kozhikode.   Most of the natives of the village are educated and many are engaged in the private/  public services.  Most of the families in Kalikavu are  having their representatives in Gulf  countries and the main source of income of such families are from Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.,  Qatar, Sultanate of Oman etc. Significant Persons Alive in this area are: A.P. Bappu Hajee (Former president of Kalikavu Panchayat and the Manager of Crescent  High School, Adakkakundu) who involved in a lot of process of upgrading of the present  Kalikavu.  Fathima Teacher, who is the teacher of thousands in Kalikavu Panchayat during her long  years of service as a teacher in Kalikavu G.U.P. School. Dr. Raman, (Pullangode) who played in the role of Professor, Tutor in different medical  colleges in Kerala and served people silently. Advocate T.K. Hamza who was the first Executive Officer of Kalikavu Panchayat and  mingled with the civilians of Kalikavu in many cultural and political activities since then.  He  is originally from Koorad (Wandoor Panchayat) and still an unavoidable personality to the  people of Kalikavu. Advocate K. Mohammedali, (Nilambur) who is originally from Kalikavu and presently  settled in Nilambur as a leading advocate. Advocate M. Hamza Kurikkal, (Nilambur)  who is originally from Kalikavu and presently  settled in Nilambur as a leading advocate. P. Khalid Master, (Pullangode), former Head Master, Crescent High School, Adakkakundu, who played the role of President of Panchayat for a while and involved in many development of the village. Significant Persons Deceased: Sakhav K. Kunhali (First president of Kalikavu Panchayat) who was representing Nilambur  in Kerala State Assembly and the founder of Kalikavu in a way.  Kalikavu is become popular  because of the above personality a lot, unfortunately, we lost the veteran leader in 1969.     About Sakhav K. Kunhali Karikadan Kunhali (8 July 1924 - 28 July 1969), popularly known as Sakhavu Kunhali  (Comrade Kunhali), was a malayali communist leader and a two time MLA of Kerala  Legislative Assembly. He was assassinated by a gunman allegedly hired by the rival political  party. Early life  Born in the village of Kondotty, in Malappuram district of Kerala, Kunhali had his primary  education at Kondotty UP School and secondary education at Malappuram Govt. High School. In 1942 he joined Indian Army. The life in the army helped mould him to a good soldier who fought injustice in the society till his last breath. Soon after the world war ended he quit the army and returned to his home state Kerala. Kunjali actively involved in various social  activities in the Eranad region (present day Malappuram district) of Kerala. Dr. K. Moyin kutty  who served the people for about 37 years, first as a government  servant and as a civilian later on, as a doctor and passed away recently, in 2010. K. Balakarishna Marar, the former Manager of the Pullangode Rubber Estate, who was a  great support and encouragement for the people of Kalikavu and surroundings officially and  unofficially.  He did a lot for the improvement of the area in Cultural and Educational  activities.  V. Mohamed Master (Adakkakundu), who is having thousands of students in Kalikavu  and surroundings during his long years of service in Kalikavu G.U.P. School.
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